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A month long project to make a remake of Space Invaders using Torque2D. There are some strange artifacts in the middle which are a result of the windows movie maker export. Sorry

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Shadow lines

As promised I am back to talk about the personal project I am starting. This will be a brief once over though I will be back soon with videos of my progress. I started working on this tonight so it isn’t far along at the moment. I spent the evening writing a Scenegraph and initialising OpenGL and GLUT the way I wanted them. Things are drawing and everything is ticking over ready to move on…

The game in mind is an FPS whose gameplay relies heavily on Lighting and AI. There are a couple of things I need to get working well:

Deferred Shading: Since light is so important and I am keen to have many dynamic lights. But, honestly it is mainly ‘cos I haven’t done it before and it should be an interesting learning curve.

Line of sight checks: I need to compute whether a ray cast from the player goes through an area of light… interesting problem. I want to afford the player a greater degree of freedom while in the dark including abilities that only work when their line of site isn’t interrupted by light.

AI: Flocking behaviour and light avoidance are the main behaviours I want to explore. I want the player to be able to corral enemies using light.

First job is the rendering, but no doubt that will change when I better understand the ray cast problem.

Watch this space :D 

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In case you don’t know me I am a masters student studying Video Game Development at Birmingham City university. Currently we are working on a project for Sony which I can’t really talk about - it is exciting stuff though. What I can talk about are the projects we have already finished and some of the personal projects I am playing around with.

So tonight is all about the two Ps tonight, Portfolio and Pizza. Gonna get this all set up and spend the next couple of weeks getting videos, code and design documents on here. But here is a sneak peak of what I am gonna get on here over the next couple of weeks…

1) Interesting twist on Space Invaders. Me, another programmer and an artist prototyped this game for windows over the space of a month using Torque2D. I will get some videos up and make the code available for download.

2) 2D platformer for iPad written in 6 weeks by a bigger group using iTorque. A quick write up, video and links to the iPad download.

3) I am going to document a project in real time. Read the next post for a list of requirements for the project and the functionality I am aiming for.

Well that is my first post (hopefully of many). See you all soon